This is not by me but I like this quote:
"Everyday i get further away from the last time i saw you, but closer to the day i'll see you again" - From Unknown

I love music. I love all types: rock, hip-hop, alternative and anything else. When I get home from school about everyday I download around ten songs. When my ‘Recently Added’ on itunes is low, I feel un-complete. I have to listen to those amazing songs I have. I listen to them when I wake up, when I’m on the bus, at school before class, after school, in my car, at home, before bed, anytime I can! My favorite artists right now are: The Beatles, The Strokes, Jack Johnson, Nirvana, My Chemical Romance, The Hush Sound, Coldplay and the list goes on and on. I find new bands and new songs every week so my favorite songs and artists change a lot. The Ones that don’t change is Jack Johnson and The Strokes because they’re so good. I get upset when my computer doesn’t work or my ipod get misplaced, so that is why my music is very important to me. I love music.

Poem about Summer:

Tan skin and fit bodies
I can’t wait to hit the beach.
Pastel colored towel and refreshing drinks
Running into the freezing Canadian waves.
Making colossal sand castles,
Licking vanilla ice cream and going camping.

Walking out and about,
Shirts, tops, skirt, jeans, jackets, necklaces, rings, earrings
Picking alluring things off racks,
Dragging them to the changing room,
and trying them on.

Water balloon fights and car washes
Mowing the lawn and drinking slushy’s
I’m counting down the days until
Summer ’09.

poem called i miss you:

Sometimes I space out and catch myself smiling
Then I think to myself,
Why am I smiling?
It’s because I’m thinking of you.
How you use to force me to watch you play football
How we walked around at night and I’d fall into unseen holes
How we laughed for ages until my stomach hurt
And then I catch myself frowning
And the reason is,
I miss you.

poem about my bungy jumping:

I wipe my sweaty hands on my jeans and rub my arms because of the freezing morning air,
The man talks to me.
“Come here, we have to put your harness on”
I stumble towards him and watch him put on all the equipment
I sit next on the couch and listen to the music that is suppose to be comforting.
I’m not first to go,
I watch a loud girl step up to the ridge,
I can tell she’s nervous.
“Ready?” the man says
next thing I know I hear her scream,
the loudest scream I’ve heard.
I see her fly back up, then back down, then up, then down
Ok, I’m next.
“I’m counting to three then you’re going to take a big leap ok?”
he asks me.
“Mhm” I’m too nervous to answer,
but at the same time, I feel pretty mellow and relaxed,
kind of feeling like “Yeah, I know I can do this”
3, 2, 1,
and I’m off.
Flying through the air.
My eyes shut tightly and my lungs screaming
Now I’m rising back up
I open my eyes and looking down, I’m hundred of meters off the ground,
And I love it.
I manage a wave to my parents and jump back up and down
Giving me that amazing feeling you get in your stomach
When I get back up to the top
I smile and think, “I just went Bungy jumping!”

This is a picture of the place i went in Queenstown.