QT 2 workshop

Snatching the ball from the opposing team,
Racing down the side of the field,
The ball bouncing and rocketing forward at your foots signal,
Reaching the end of the field.
Turning your body 45 degrees towards the goal,
Crossing it into the box,
Your teammate dives toward the net,
A clean header.
The goalie dives towards the ball,
He's too early.
Failing to touch the ball,
he crashes to the ground,
Allowing the ball to sail into the back of the net.

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QT 3 workshop

Don't want to wake up,
Why is life so hard to live?
Let's sleep through it!

Cute skirts and belly shirts,
Macy has got it all now,
Let's all go there, PLEASE!

Crayola Crayons,
Different colors whoo hoo,
No duh they're the best!

The best sports to play,
What else could you ask to have?
Soccer and swimming.

Pink blue and purple,
The colors of my sweet life,
Pink blue and purple.

The Tad Short Life

By Alexandra

He is a tad short of perfect,
A tad short of nice,
A tad short of happy about his tad short life.

He is a tad short of cute,
A tad short of handsome,
A tad short of good looks in his tad short life.

He is a tad short of lamp posts,
A tad short of doors,
A tad short of ceilings in his tad short life

He is a tad short of famous,
A tad short of being known,
A tad short of the tallest man in the world.

QT 4 workshop


Chillin' with the girls/at the olympic club.
Comin' back home/seein' it all packed up.
Now I'm movin' out/goin to another house.
Wishin' I weren't/sayin' goodbye.

Hangin' with the freinds/over at the mall.
Feel the phone vibratin'/oo I got another call.
It's my mom/sayin' we movin' out.
Wishin' i weren't/sayin' goodbye.

Why we always got/to move a-way?
Can't we just buy/a house in one place?
Why don't we ever/stop and rest?
Why is movin at the top of our list?

--inspired by my dear freind KWAME! lol