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~ About Me ~

Hi, my name is Aki, and I am an 8th Grader in AIS/D, Bangladesh. I like reading and writing, but I cannot say that I am very good at it (writing, not reading). Last year, I went through a poetry phase (which impressed my grandmother), but now the passion has died out and I do not like it THAT much. My grandmother, who I admire very much, is a writer, and she wants me to follow her footsteps. My grandfather, on the other hand, wants me to become a doctor, because my father is a successful doctor in Hokkaido, Japan. I personally think that both of them are unachievable goals, but if I had to impress them both, I must become a doctor who writes books in her spare time.
As you can see, I like to ramble on and on non-stop. I like to make people laugh, and I am very good at it. (I think...!)

~ Writer's Workshop ~

Letter to My Mother (Q2)
A letter I wrote to my mother for her 40th birthday.
Forgive and Forget? (Q3)
An essay about my thoughts on the Nanjing Massacre (and other world conflicts), and how they are being dealt with.
Sorrowful Goodbye (Q4)
A fictional paragraph about a sorrowful goodbye.

~ My Other "Creations" ~

Essays From Previous Schools
A section from my auto-biography which talks about my evil background and this ONE crazy incident.