Hi guys, my name is Akbar. I am 13 years old and I study at the American International School Dhaka. My hobbies are playing video games, chatting with friends, talking on the phone, and traveling. My interests are cars and planes. I have lived in Dhaka for all my life and going to stay here until I graduate.

Quarter 1

The Wreck (true story)

Toronto. Many, many years ago. Me, my brother, and my dad. We were bouncing down on the Highway, in a beautiful car. A Rented Cadillac DeVille, the color of champagne. It was a beautiful beast, like a stag running free in the forest. We were rolling smoothly down the highway, with nothing stopping us to get to our destination, a huge water park. We were rolling free, until we came to a rough halt. Suddenly we were boxed in. In every which direction was a car. This stag, with us in it, was now caged. It felt really odd though, being trapped in a large, free highway, something strange was happening. The traffic didn’t move at all. We were moving as fast as a turtle tied to the wall. Suddenly my dad just hit the switch, and the radio burst to life, and my dad stopped at the news station. We waited until what we wanted to know came. “There has been a serious car accident on the highway. We are not sure if the driver is alive or not. Police and paramedics are doing what they can. I turned to my brother, but he was looking right past me, out my window. I asked “What?” He just merely pointed out my window. Then I saw it. Outside our window, I saw a group of about four police cars, and one ambulance. But that was nothing, between the utility vehicles, was a Porsche. But one thing was different about this Porsche. It was sitting, upside down on its roof. That is what spooked me. Its roof was completely crushed in, and it looked like nobody had any chance at living that accident. There was shattered glass everywhere, and there were paramedics rushing to open the car up, trying to save the poor driver. Since that day, I am really glad I have never been in a car accident!

Quarter 2

If you want to see my brainstorming, download this: Akbar.docx
I just thought of a lot of topics, and chose some I thought i might use. Out of these, I picked New Years in Singapore

New Years in Singapore

It was my first time in Singapore,
A whole new city, I havent seen before,
And before I knew it it was January 1st,
Above in the heavy, gloomy sky,
A group of fireworks discharged,oh how brilliant
The sky was no longer ominous, it was radiant
The sky filled up with extravagant colors,
The air was filled with joyful hollers,
People celebrated throughout the night,
Partying and drinking until first light,
But soon, celebrating was done,
Because a new year has come.

Quarter 3

For my 3rd Quarter Workshop, i made an acrostic poem.

E- Enjoyed the trip!
I- Interacted with others in order to solve team activities.
G- Great 3rd class trip! “3rd time’s the charm!”
H- Had lots of fun, as this was my first time to Thailand with friends.
T- Thailand was enjoyable, but I missed my family a lot.
H- Had a lot of soda during the trip to help me energize.

G-Great scenery, with immense mountains, lush green forests, and sapphire blue lakes.
R- Red ants everywhere, weird, huge fly-like insects and monstrous mosquitoes were everywhere.
A- All of my money, around $71, was spent. $20 for food and the rest for buying things at the night market.
D- Day number 1 was all travel, From bus to airplane, airplane to another airplane, to bus again.
E- Ending the class trip was like ending a satisfying vacation. I learned a lot and was ready to go back home and rest.

For my prewriting and rough draft, take a look here-
Rough Draft- Workshop 3rd Quarter rough.docx
Prewriting- Workshop 3rd Quarter Prewriting.docx

Quarter 4
For my 4th quarter Workshop, I made a calendar of what my spring break should be like.
14th April 2009

We(my Mom and I) arrive at Suvarnabhumi International Airport. We take a microbus from Suvarnabhumi to our hotel. We normally stay at the Center Point Langsuan, The Marriot Mayfair Langsuan, or Fraser Place Langsuan. First day we buy groceries like chocolate and cereal.
15th April 2009

My dentist appointment. I get my braces repaired and tightened. Afterwards, I go to MBK, watch a movie, and eat. I will buy some chocolates, and go home. At home I will rest with my mother and use my computer.
16th April 2009

My “Chill-out” day. No plans. I’ll go to MBK again, watch another movie, and later take a trip to Pantip Plaza, the home of all computer soft/hardware and buy some video games. Also I will buy some applications for my computer. I will also get some new sandals and flip flops to wear.
17th April 2009

After satisfying trip to Bangkok, I will wake up at around 7:00 AM to catch the return plane to Dhaka. Once I get back from the 2 hour flight, I will test out my Xbox 360 games, and debrief what I did to my Dad. Hopefully I will return to Bangkok again with my brother in July.

For my Prewriting download this: Workshop 4th Quarter PW.docx
For my Rough download this: Workshop 4th Quarter rough.docx

Social Studies SS8G Mini Research Essay

If you want to see my outline an d my rough draft, visit these links:
Rough Draft: MiniResearchEssay- RD.docx, Outline: SS MiniEssay Outline.doc

Bangladesh Liberation War
Many brave warriors lost their souls and shed their blood; to make the land we live in, an independent country. The liberation started when West Pakistan, was treating East Pakistan (currently known as Bangladesh) unfairly. On 7th March, 1971, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman gave a speech. This is what inspired the people of East Pakistan to fight. When Election Day came, the East Pakistani group, the Awami League won a great victory against the other candidates. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was to become Prime Minister. However, he was denied from the position. On March 25th, 1971 West Pakistani tanks invaded East Pakistan and fired shells all over the country. Many innocent people were slaughtered, including children and women, of all ages. It was genocide. The next day, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was thrown into jail. This is when the Liberation War started.

The East Pakistanis were horrified by this. They could not just stand around and wait for the West Pakistanis to crush them. The West Pakistanis held out Operation Searchlight, which was to crush all resistance, especially the intellectuals.The East Pakistani guerrillas, the Mukti Bahini, or Freedom Fighters, fought boldly against West Pakistan. The government of East Pakistan was formed on April 10, 1971, while the war was still raging. Meanwhile, West Pakistan saw that India was trying to help East Pakistan, so West Pakistan attacked India with a pre-emptive strike. This made India angry, and India armed the Mukti Bahini with tanks and other ammunition and vehicles to help win the Liberation War. The war was furious, not having mercy on anyone. Innocent or not, the war consumed life after life.

The Mukti Bahini and India continued to rebel the West Pakistanis. Messages were sent through the radio, to urge soldiers to fight, and one day, a Japanese ship in the Bay of Bengal picked up the frequency and got the message. The message was re-aired by BBC and Radio Australia, so that the world would know about this fight for freedom. Finally, on December 16, 1971, East Pakistan along with the aid of India defeated West Pakistan. East Pakistan was now known as Bangladesh. Over three million lives were consumed in the war. This was the worst genocide since World War II. At last, the men and the women who fought hard to defeat West Pakistan, now simply Pakistan were victorious.