Hi, my name's Adam I’m 13 years old 5-ft 10 3/4-in tall and the second tallest person in my grade, after my best friend Kai. My favorite sports are basketball and soccer, and I love reading comics and fantasy books. “Pendragon and Percy Jackson” are by far my favorite series's so far. I love pizza and enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I also love tutoring my sister from time to time. I love animals but unfortunately I live in an apartment so I'm not allowed to have a pet but I can't complain when I have a jacuzzi in my room. In this wiki, I will write a series of shorts stories I hope you enjoy them.

A Life

A simple idea a forgotten truth what is the meaning of a once held youth
there is no end to this dark, rain light is gone and so is my pain I cannot see, hear or
speak to those I lost.
This cloudy and sorrowful mind of mine I am now forgotten in
time for. A simple end to a forgotten beginning it was a life.

What is Justice in this world?

What is justice? In most peoples minds it would be a cop catching a bad guy but that’s just a form of justice. Justice doesn’t exist most people that read this may think that I’m a bit crazy but they misunderstand. Justice is nothing more than an idea a word in most definitions but has a special meaning to many. This single word governs and is the whole bases of the earth but it has no strength no hold on humanity no single significance. But we as humans as people give it meaning give it understanding it may be a single idea but it is a shared thought unified under one understanding and empowered by hundreds upon millions Justice is an idea that is known by many but can only be seen by those who believe in it. So believe.

Quarter 2 Wiki Work

I look onto the unending ocean of light green grass rustling form the winds gentle touch. The pine trees sweet aroma tickles my nose and songbirds sing me a light lullaby. The mouth-watering taste of citrus still dances on the tip of my tongue and the wind warms and starts to cover me like a warm invisible blanket. With all these feelings I drift off into the worlds of my mind.

I Hate Tomatoes

I dislike a few things but there is nothing I hate more than a tomato
I will eat Potatoes I will eat carrots but I will never eat a tomato
I will eat Brussels sprouts I will eat cucumbers but I will never eat a tomato
I will eat Spinach and some broccoli to but I will never eat tomato
I will eat radish and maybe some pickles but I never ever not in a million-trillion-bazillion years eat a tomato

SS8 Revolution Work

Adam Amare
Block 8G

Cuban Revolution

Cuba today is a very quiet country this was not always the case seeing as it had a horrible revolution in the time span of ten years. This revolution that I will be focusing on, started on July/26/1953 and was led by Fidel Castro a lawyer who fought for the people and is known today as the man that ruled with an iron fist.

The revolution took place in three parts the “wake up call” was the first part and it was carried out on July/26/1953. The coup caused by Batista angered Fidel Castro and he tried for many years to fight this government but the people of Cuba would not join his cause. So on that day, Fidel Castro along with 200 other young Cuban men attacked a military barrack controlled by Batista. Need less to say his army was defeated and he was arrested. Fidel was sentenced to 15 years in jail and on the day of his trial, he saw his chance to open the people’s eyes and using the barrack attack as an example and he gave a very long and powerful speech. Thanks to the speech he was seen has a hero especially in the eyes of younger Cubans.

The second part “The overthrow” was the most important and bloodiest part of the revolution. This occurred after Fidel was pardoned 11 months after being arrested due to Batista’s show of supreme power. For his safety, Fidel fled Cuba and went to Mexico. He later returned with 26th of July Movement and fought against Batista using guerilla warfare. One of the most important events during the Cuban Revolution was the creation of the 26th of July Movement. This was a very influencing and powerful revolutionist organization created in the year 1959 to revolt against the regime of Fulgencio Batista in Cuba. Fidel Castro was the leader of the 26th of July Movement. However, his troops were too weak and too few and he was defeated many, but Batista’s continued attacks on villages to whip out the rebels angered the Cuban population and many joined and or aided the 26th of July Movement.

This event led to the third and final part of the revolution “The new regime”. Thanks to help form the peasants in Cuba Fidel was able to force Batista to resign his position as leader and flee the country on January/1/959. On the same day, Fidel Castro was appointed the prime minister of Cuba. However, one month later Castro cancelled all elections and gave himself the title “President for life”. These actions lead to many problems and much tension with the United States and led to the overall expulsion of Cuba from the organization of United States.

The revolution ended with Castro becoming the leader of Cuba, Batista is still alive but was exiled form Cuba after the revolution. Fidel is still leader today. In the end, I do not think that the revolution was worth it because it just caused pain and suffering and there was no obvious improvement for the overall population of Cuba. In the end, I do not think that this revolution was a success mainly because there was no change of political view it was just a fight for power, which ended in a lot of bloodshed and death.

Adam Amare
Block F

How we learn

Quarter 3
I think that video games should become a form of teaching. Video games are a great pass time to many and are enjoyed by many people of
different ages, nationalities and ethnic backgrounds. Children our age and much older spend a great deal of time playing Xbox, Wii, or Playstation with their, friends, family or just by themselves. These games serve as a form of recreation for kids but they can be used for so much more.
external image 040407_videosurg_vmed_1030a.widec.jpg
A resent event is in a small medical collage in the United States they have started using games and simulations to train the doctors. The university says that the games increase the surgeons hand flexibility as well as teach and prepare them for on coming operations. The games they use involve the use of both thumbs and pointer fingers and as a result helps let the surgeons become more comfortable and intuitive with their fingers. In addition, the games that they play are not hardcore medical games but games such as “Monkey Bowl 2” and external image video-games-live-logo.jpg“Halo 3” these games combined with very intensive and detailed simulations have proven to make the graduating surgeons more skilled by at least 15 to 20 percent.

Not only do video games have a use in medicine but they can also help students learn better. Games like trivia or interactive games like “Physics Canon” (which make the player use physics to hit targets using a large canon). It has scientifically proven that kids age 12-15 learn much better when put into situations in which the have to use their mind to overcome an obstacle. The video games present this in many different formats which fit the many different curriculums in the school.

Video games help make surgeons better and help students learn more than any textbook or project can. Video games have already been proven more useful than just mindless thing to do in your spare time. Video games can help use and it would be a crime among that of the utmost evil to take the right of better learning form us. So change the way we learn now and see better results in the future.

My Battle

Quarter 4

Bounce Bounce Bounce I am in a battle to survive
However, my goal is not to kill but to win
The court my only land, my hands my only shields,
The ball my only weapon and the net my only goal

I have not enemies but opponents those I must defeat to reach my goal
With my unwavering will I take my first step into the fightexternal image and1-basketball-wallpaper23a.jpg
slowly I see the my opponents 3… living walls that can fight back
Large and indestructible
I still move forward… faster now
The balls beat matching my heartbeat
I still move forward… faster still
The roads to my escape no longer open
I stop… not of hesitation
I take what seems like my last breath
I charge
I climb past the first wall
I dig under the second wall
And I break through the third wall
As I rush up toward the distant heavens, in which my goal resides
Wings grow upon my back and my feet leave my familiar earth external image no-flash-basketball-goal.jpg
With this last act I fly
And higher still
Till I reach it the reward so sweet I taste necture upon my tounge
And as a final respect I place my wepon upon my goal and fall
To the unending darkness below
My battle is over….. and… I… have.. .won!