I Wrote a Poem about the Letter

Letters by famous people, I hate them!
Normally they are so long and boring,
There is one letter that changed it all.
One fine morning,
My mother sat my brother and me down and said she wanted to read a letter aloud.
I was dreading it,
I didn’t want to hear one of those long boring letters written by some historical leader,
However, when my mother stated reading it,
The letter inspired me to do a lot of things.
I knew that if I follow it I will stay on the right path.
Some words of wisdom in the letter were,
Dear teacher teach him gently,
Teach him that it is better to fail than to cheat,
Teach him not to follow the crowd even though everyone else is following it if he doesn’t believe in it.
Teach to laugh when he is sad,
Teach him that it is better to earn money than to find it.
Teach him to lose with dignity,
Teach him never to sell his soul or his heart,
Teach him to have faith in himself.
Everyday I use this letter to guide me,
It helps me to stay on the right path.