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Hey, guys. My name is Abhishek and I am an Indian. I am a teenager who studies in 8th grade. I have a little sister who is really annoying and keeps me getting in trouble but I still love her. Some of my hobbies are watching television, playing video games and computer games, going on Facebook, studying for my classes, making wooden toys, sleeping, eating out and having a good time with my family. I have been to five different countries, which include Lebanon, Austria, Botswana, India, and Sweden and now I am in Bangladesh. The food I like the most is the Zinger burger in KFC, it makes my mouth water and it makes me want to eat until I die. I also like to play chess. In fact, I am sort of a champion in it. In Sweden, our school came first place out of all the international schools in Sweden. I like watching cartoon network, especially Tom and Jerry because it makes me laugh like a hyena. I also watch some really cool T.V. shows on Zee TV. I am a really good comedian and always make people laugh. So, this was all about me. Send me an introduction about yourself and you can get some of my funniest jokes.

Writing for 1st quarter:

A World free of Poverty

Rocking on my chair,
or resting on my bed,
I dream of a world...
A world that is diverse from the one that we subsist in.
A world where people get judged by their character and not
the amount of money they encompass in their vaults.
A world where children,
both rich and poor,
amuse themselves with the same toys,
munch the same food and erudite under the same roof.
A world where no one curses his or her providence
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A world that is free of poverty.
And then an ebullient feeling comes to mind.
A feeling that tells me that my world of dreams
would be no other than planet Earth some day
if we prolong to facilitate the poor,
The way we are doing now.
So come on,
Go to your nearest orphanage or hectic street
And donate some money for our new generation,
Because you never know when a small donation of yours,
Can lead to a big change...

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Hey everybody, I wish you all a happy new year and for this new year, I have written a poem about my dream of a world free of terrorism after the 26/11 Mumbai attacks.

A World Free of Terrorism

Resting on my bed,
Or watching my 21-inch TV,
I dream of a planet...
A planet that is widely divergent from the planet that we subsist in.
A planet where no one knows anything about weapons. A planet where there is no hostility between countries,
and there’s no need for army, navy and air force.
A planet where no one is ever need to be reminded of dates
when their father, mother, brother or sister died
in a bomb blast, air strike or any other terror attacks.
A planet where there is no preventable bloodshed.
A planet where there’s no chaos.
A planet where everyone does a decent job
and no one is constrained to become a terrorist.
A planet that is merely…free of terrorism.
And then an imperative question comes to my mind,
A question that asks me whether our own
Planet Earth can be free from terrorism one day,
and I really do not have an answer.
But I believe that if we throw the trepidation of getting killed from our minds
and help the police exterminate those who have killed thousands,
even our planet,
Planet Earth would be free… of terrorism.


This is my social-studies mini research paper about the Greek Revolution:

The Greek War of Independence or the Greek Revolution happened during 1821- 1829, although the Geeks became independent in 1832. The battle happened at the Balkans (mainly Greece during that time) and the Aegean Sea. The causes of the revolution were that the Ottoman Empire had been ruling the Balkans and Anatolia since 1453(the fall of Constantinople) and subject people were lacking political rights. Another cause of the revolution was that the Greeks were forced to become Crypto-Christians to avoid huge taxes on land and trade. But some people lived in luxury and were allowed to worship the way they wanted. But both kinds of Greeks wanted to be free from the Ottoman Empire to some extent.

The revolution was carried out by many major battles, events and people that led to independence. The first spark of desire for independence was when nationalist poet Ragas Feraios, (who wrote the war-song Thourias) was killed for conceiving and organizing a comprehensive movement aiming at the liberation of all Balkan nations. This made all the Greeks turn to the side of getting independence. As the Ottoman Empire continued to rule the Balkans, the Greeks had gottne an army of the klepths and the armatoli, which was the only available army at that time. The first victory battle for the Greeks happened on 17th March, 1821, when the Maniots in Aeropoli declared a war on the Turks. An army of 2,000 Maniots led by Petros Mavromichalis and Kolokotronis marched up to the town of Kalamata and after a two-day siege; the battle was won by the Greeks on the March 21, 1821. Meanwhile in Central Greece, in Boetia, Livadeia was captured by Anthanasios Diakos on March 29, 1821. This was followed by the capturing of Thebes two days later. The Ottoman leadership of Oddyseas advance was stopped again at the Battle of Gravia under the leadership of Oddyseas Androutsous. However, the Battle of Dragashni and The Sacred Band Battles which happened on June 19, 1821 and were lead by Alexander Ypsilantis resulted in a major defeat for the Greeks. Just after two days, the Ottomans launched sporadic attacks towards Patras but this time they were driven back to the fortress by the revolutionaries. On August 26, 1821, 8000 men under-Beyran Pasha, were defeated at the battle of Vassilika. This helped secure much of Greece for revolutionaries. The most surprise victory was when Kolokotronis’s band of 300 men fought a Turkish force of 1,300 men at Arcadia on April 28 1821, and defeated them. This helped weaken most of the Ottoman Empire rule. On September 12, 1821, Tripolista was seized by Kolokotronis and his men. But the most important battle that shook the roots of the Ottoman Empire was the Battle of Navarino in 1827. In this battle, the Ottoman fleet was with sureness defeated by the combined fleets of the United Kingdom, France and Russia, securing the independence of Greece. Greece had become the first country to ever gain independence from the Ottoman Empire.

After six long-lasting years of fighting and rebelling, the revolution still turned into half success and half failure. Britain, France, Russia and Bavaria recognized Athens as capital of Greece and signed the Treaty of Constantinople in July 1832. That was the time when the Greeks were said to be really “independent”. But independence didn’t mean independence for the Greeks. They had defeated the Ottoman fleets and had become mostly independent. But now King Otto had became in charge of the Kingdom of Greece and now the Greeks had to pay even more taxes than they had been under the rule of the Ottoman Turks. The revolution had turned the matters a little better but more worse. The Greek War of Independence was well planned and took a lot of time as well as the deaths of many famous leaders and ordinary people, but unfortunately, all of it had basically been of no use.

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Hey guys. I am back again to give you some of my great poems for the third quarter. The first poem is about us helping to save planet Eath:

Sitting on my sofa,
Or resting on my bed,
I daydream what the cosmos would have been like,
If there was no such planet like Earth.
The Milky Way galaxy would be
Nothing than a gigantic black mantle containing huge gassy balls.
There would have been no such aliens as humans.
No planet would have been able to prolong life.
No planet would have such a magnificent climate and such astounding nature.
And if there was no planet Earth,
There would have been no other terrestrial paradise.
And then a fear comes to my mind,
A fear that tells me that my dream may come true,
If we persist to contaminate the oceans,
Pollute the air, litter the land
And continue to heat the Earth the way we are doing now.
But then another thought cheers me up,
A thought that says that it’s not too late,
To save this gift that we have got from the Great Spirit.
So come on,
Trim down the waste and the carbon emissions you give to Earth daily,
And save this startling planet.
Because you never know,
When your actions,
Can help save planet Earth in the future.


For my second piece of writing, I wrote a love poem:

Love is a sensation,
Which resembles in every human’s heart.
Love is an emotion,
Without which life would be almost impossible.
Love is an emotion,
Which has the strength to unite even the worst of enemies.
Love is an emotion,
Which links hearts together.
Father to mother, mother to children and children to parents,
Love is the emotion which ties us together into one single relationship.
Love is an emotion,
Which combines two souls into one.
Love is an emotion,
Which finishes the hatred in your heart?
Love is a disease,
Which stays with you for the rest of your life.
Love is an emotion,
Which makes you be concerned for someone
Love is an emotion,
Which you always to experience.
So come on all you lovers,
Go and express the feelings with the one you secretly love.
And just hope for the best.
If he/she says yes,
You have got a partner.
If he/she says no,
Well, too bad.
But don’t be despaired,
Because there are many others out there.

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For my 4th quarter poem, I decided to write a poem on nature:

Strolling through gardens,
Or celebrating spring,
I vision what the planet would be like,
If there was no nature.
There would have been no flowers, plants, and trees.
There would be no plants or vegetables to consume.
There would be no seasons as spring or fall.
Mount Everest, Grand Canyon, and/or any National Parks
Would be nothing but another figment of your imagination.
Life would be so casual and dull.
And planet Earth would be nothing but a huge orb,
Consisting of stony continents, blue oceans, and gassy atmosphere.
And then a fright comes to my mind.
A fright that tells me that this can be the condition of our planet,
If we prolong to smolder trees, contaminate parks and thaw the glaciers.
But then another thought comes to mind.
A thought that tells me it’s not too late,
To accumulate the most precious gift the Great Spirit has given Earth,
If we plant trees and flowers, clean the parks
And get some solutions to deal with global warming.
So come on,
Go to your beautiful garden or adjacent park,
And plant some trees and flowers.