Hi my name is Abdoulay and I'm from Virginia USA. I have lived in many places in my life, These places are Pakistan, Macedonia, Virginia, Cambodia, Jakarta, and now Dhaka. My hobbies include soccer basketball and video games. Out of the two sports I like basketball more because I feel that I have more skill in the sport. I have two brothers, and I am the youngest out of the three. One of them is in the eleventh grade and the other is in Loyola university in New Orleans. My favorite foods are baby back steak, and lamb chops.


Abdoulay Diakite
Block F

Word poem

O off the charts
Upper class
Ladies man

Girls from the middle school

Ugly fashion, gossip talking, girls from the middle school. Always stressing and never impressing, and they have no ice that looks nice.

Fear poem
It was a dark knight
I was alone in silence
I was trapped with the gruesome snake
It had fangs of steel
Dark piercing skin
And eyes that would make a grown man cry

I am Poem
I am a handsome boy
I am the eyes of my mother
I am the curly hair of my father
Getting touched by every one
I am all I see
Pollution around me
Graffiti on walls,
That is very stylish
I am all that I feel and taste
Killing a juicy steak in my mouth
And feeling the annoying pain in my knee
I am all I remember
Shaking the hands of Jackie Chan
Being on the cover of a math text book
And meeting the president of Indonesia

BALI Story

Block F

It was seven thirty am when Abdoulay jumped off his bed in bliss; because that was the day he was going to go to Bali for ESP. Abdoulay was exceedingly thrilled because he was going to stay a week away from home. When he woke up, he brushed his teeth, took a shower and went on about his normal morning routine. Abdoulay felt as if nothing could bring him down until he heard his driver wasn’t coming that day. Struck with fear for a moment Abdoulay had no idea of what to do, until he had an epiphany he could call a cab.
Abdoulay waited anxiously thinking that the cab would make him late to school, when suddenly he heard his gate open, he sprinted out saying by mom. Luckily that day there was barely any traffic, so he arrived very shortly. When he arrived he felt overwhelmed with stupidity because he saw that he arrived to school too early because the early flight students hadn’t even left yet.

That wasn’t even the worst part he came to school in cab which made him the laughing stock of the century. He felt this because he could see everybody trying to hold their laugh in. Abdoulay tried to walk away from the taxi as fast as possible until he finally escaped and met up with some of his friends from early flight. They talked about all of the numerous things that they would do in Bali, until his friends had to go.
Abdoulay was left alone so he took a seat on one of the benches and moments later his buddy Sean popped up out of nowhere. Sean was the biggest trouble maker Abdoulay knew, so he wasn’t particularly surprised when he hared that Sean brought his phone to school knowing that there was a strict rule saying that there were no phones allowed on the trip. Sean had arrived to school very early because he took his normal bus to school which arrives at 6:00am. When Sean told him this he said, “You know you’re going to get in trouble for this”, but Sean had already thought everything through so he had concealed it in his bag because a phone would be too small to see in the ex-ray and nobody would actually take the time to actually look in his bag. Around thirty minutes later every body started to arrive and that was when all the excitement began. Moments later we left for the airport.
We stayed in the airport for half an hour and then went into the airplane and headed for Bali. During the plane ride Abdoulay noticed three men in front of him and two girls in front of them. Those two girls were from school. The strange thing about this situation was that those three grown men were taking pictures of the girls with their phones. It was really funny but at the same time awfully disturbing. Moments after this incident there was a briefing on the plane indicating that we were in Bali. Then the excitement began everyone was screaming at the top of their lungs. Everyone was so excited that they started to rock the plane. When we landed everybody stormed out of the plane and into the airport. Everybody was looking at them in the airport, but Abdoulay and Sean felt really cool because they were wearing their new jackets and designer sun glasses that they bought from a Persian jewelry store. From the airport they made their way to the buses and then to the hotel. When we got to the hotel Sean was being extremely stupid and he prank called the lounge with his cell phone. The first thing that came through Abdoulay’s mind “was who could be calling.”
Then they called Sean every body stopped and stared at him in, the whole place was in silence. Although we had just got to the hotel nobody was surprised to see that he was in trouble except for Abdoulay he did not expect Sean get caught so quickly and in such a stupid way. After that incident all the teachers quickly changed back to the topic that we had just arrived in Bali. There was a performance set for all the students to watch and some free refreshments.
When everybody was done they were all escorted to their rooms, everyone but Abdoulay who had been called in by Mr. Smiles to tell him that he was in big trouble for bringing a stolen phone to ESP. Abdoulay jumped to conclusions and was furious at Sean. Abdoulay thought that Sean had blamed the whole incident on Abdoulay. Abdoulay later found out that his conclusion was correct. Sean had told Mr. Smiles that Abdoulay had taken the phone and threatened Sean so that he would take the phone. Mr. Smiles wanted to hear both of our stories so that he could know who was telling the truth, so he got the two of them and talked to them at the same time. Mr. Smiles had believed Sean because he was crying but he was so scared that began to cry.
Mr. Smiles was furious with Abdoulay, so he said that he would send a letter to Abdoulay’s parents, and he wasn’t allowed to go out of his cabin during breaks. Abdoulay felt that his whole trip was ruined, but unluckily for Sean, Abdoulay was his roommate.

After Sean and Abdoulay got out of the room, there was a silence between the two, Sean was trembling with fear and Abdoulay was raging with anger. The silence broke as soon they got to the room. Abdoulay screamed and actually began to threaten Sean. Sean was so nervous that he tried to make it seem as if it were Abdoulay’s fault by saying that “well you should’ve stopped me,” but they both knew that, that wasn’t going anywhere. Abdoulay knew that whatever he did could not make Sean admit that it was completely his fault, so he started looking for ways to prove that Sean was guilty. Abdoulay looked through all of Sean’s bags and could not find anything so he tried a different approach.
The next day Abdoulay woke up to go to his first activity “Scuba Diving.” Abdoulay tried to get some info from some Sean’s other friends besides him, but nobody knew anything about it. Nobody except for one person knew about it, this person was Tom. Tom and Sean were friends since the first grade, but something similar to what’s happening happened to Tom, so Tom just acts like they’re still friends, but Tom to get Sean as badly as Abdoulay. Since Sean still trusted Tom and Tom was not to be trusted, he told Abdoulay Sean’s big master plan to get his phone back.
It was late at night that day when Abdoulay had stayed awake to see Sean leave the room. Abdoulay slowly followed Sean. Abdoulay kept a ten meter distance from Sean so that he could see where Sean was going. Sean turned in one corner and Abdoulay quickly followed but Sean was out of sight, he looked left, right, and then behind him to get a punch straight in the face by Sean, but that wasn’t enough to stop Abdoulay. They made quite a lot of noise so it attracted a teacher Mrs. Brumblebee. She asked why the boy’s were fighting; she knew that Sean must have started it somehow so she found out the problem and got the phone to prove what happened wasn’t Abdoulay’s fault. So they all looked at the phone and it had all of Sean’s files on it. After proven innocent Abdoulay went to bed to wake up to a beautiful morning in Bali. In that same Mrs. Brumblebee told all the teacher’s that Sean had brought the phone. From that moment Abdoulay could finally enjoy his time in Bali ESP.

The Chinese revolution
Abdoulay Diakite
Block D

In the early 1900’s during the rule of the Qing dynasty China was a very corrupt and inefficient place. Most of china was dying of famine, and its citizen were suffering economically, thus causing the Chinese revolution. As I said earlier one of the causes of the revolution was because the government was corrupt. This was a problem because the government made its citizens pay very heavy taxes, and most of the Chinese people were not able to pay these taxes. Another reason this was a problem was because the Chinese military soldiers were stealing the money of the citizens. Another cause of the Chinese revolution was because European countries had too much power over china, and the Qing dynasty did nothing to stop these problems.
In the Chinese revolution it was not very hard to choose sides. It mostly depended on the people’s class and status. An example of this is that if a Chinese person was part of the government he or she would be against the revolution, but if a person was a poor citizen he or she would be for the revolution. Although the revolution did not result in a war there were still some deaths. On the 21 August 1911 a brawl broke out between a group of student protestors, and military troops. In this fight thirty two people were killed.
The Chinese revolution ended with the fall of the Qing dynasty. The Qing dynasty fell because many parts of China had declared independence from the Qing dynasty. This resulted in the Qing dynasty losing almost all of its land. Although the revolution only lasted one year it was still successful.

Caesar Becomes Dictator
Block F

Hello my fellow senates I am Luscious Salanator and I am here to discuss the issue of Julius Caesar becoming dictator. In 46 B.C Caesar became dictator. He is a very talented man and has many skills. Caesar is a fine public speaker and an excellent general. He is also one of Rome’s most supreme politicians. In my opinion I think Caesar is a great Leader and should be Rome’s dictator because he has made better laws to help the citizens. He passed new laws to help the poor such as lowering taxes.


Julius Caesar has a lot more Pros than cons; He is a lot kinder than the other dictators because unlike the other dictators he made life a lot easier for the citizens. He is different from a few dictators because the others some times only wanted power and money. One thing that Caesar did to make life easier for the citizens was lowering taxes and which also made the citizens a bit wealthier than they were before. Once again unlike the other dictators Caesar rewards military soldiers for their service and doesn’t sell the farmland of the soldiers. Caesar Is also an outstanding general and leader. During wars Caesar also fights along side with soldiers, and he goes through the same hard ships that they do such as sleeping in the same retched places they do and eats the same sloppy food


Julius Caesar has a lot less cons than he does Pros. The only bad things that he does are that he never listens to the advice of the senates, and he treats us like we are his servants which I Know enrages all of you as well as it does to me. He has also made himself dictator and wants to be King, but not because he wants power it is because he doesn’t think that anyone else is fit enough to be a dictator like him. Making himself king may also end the republic. At first I to had negative opinions of this but maybe it is just best for Rome.

Julius Caesar has had a big impact on me, you, and all of Rome negatively and positively. Julius may have to give us some of the respect that we deserve but despite the few negative things about Caesar becoming Dictator I still solute Julius Caesar with all my heart and I hope you all feel the same way.