†~★ Eun Ji and the World of ABC ★~†

A proud Asian who strives for Achievement.
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Born on July 22nd. Arrived in Bangladesh at the age of two. Absolutely adores the color Black.
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Craves for candy, chocolate, cake, and cookies constantly.
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Desperately wishes for her own pet Dog. Can be an obsessed Death freak and a Dork.
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Eun Ji is my name. I am a 'Die hard' Emo fan.
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Food is one of my major obsessions. I also like to fool around and have fun.
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Goody goody at times. Does not believe in God, a proud Atheist.
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Hamburgers are yummy! I love eating in harmony.
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Idolizes all Manga Drawers... And ice Cream.
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Japan is my second major obsession after food. Also, I love Jolly Ranchers.
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Korea is my home country, its an awesomely KOOL country.
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Love the library. Becomes a total lunatic once absorbed in a story.
geek.jpg + NeirdPride.gif = lunatic.gif
Music is not everything in Life... The same goes for milk.
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Normal compared to my friends... I hope...
external image 1.jpg >> Normal Human
Oreos make me smile.
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Priyanka is my Vampire/Emo partner in crime.
Questions are very annoying...
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Roar, I wish I was rich.
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Summer is my favorite season.
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Trouble always brew in my presence.
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Umi in Japanese means Sea. (An obsessed Japanese Freak)
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Vampires are the best!!! I will eternally worship them...
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Winter is my least favorite season.
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eXtremely annoying at times...
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Yorkshire Terriers are my favorite type of dogs.
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Zomg, my Zodiac sign is the Cancer/Dog.
external image cancer.gif

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