It was about 20 meters deep. They were swimming in the sea, one of them swum further and further. Something cold was close over his legs, he was confused at what it was, but then when he looked back, he freaked out. He struggled hard and tried to free himself. The thing immensely strong caught him firmly. He wanted to scream for help, but no sound could come out of his mouth. It was terrifying. The thing moved fast and pulled him down immediately without any sign- into a deep, hollow black hole. The other three people with him were not fast enough to catch him.
He’s dead.
This happened on Steven’s 16th birthday, the 27th of August, 1789. The boy who died was Steven, the other three people were Joseph, Emma and Michelle, whom were once good friends.
One year had passed. Joseph, Emma and Michelle went to the beach again. They missed Steven very much, especially Michelle. She was Steven’s girlfriend at that time, and she swore that she wouldn’t have a boyfriend anymore right after Joseph died.
The three of them walked on the beach, tears dropped slowly and slowly across their faces. Suddenly, a loud “thump” rose behind Joseph and Emma, they turned their head back, and it was Michelle. She couldn’t take over the truth that Steven was dead, and she remembered that once, Joseph swore that Michelle was the only love in his entire life. She then fainted, no breaths and no heartbeats. Joseph rushed over to Michelle and did CPR for her, but it was useless, he was not quick enough, and her life was taken away from the angel of Steven.
It was Steven’s birthday again – the 27th of August, 1790.
Two years passed by, Joseph and Emma went to the beach every year. The marvelous thing was that there was nothing happened on them. They started to think that Steven and Michelle’s death might be their love promise. So, the following years, Joseph and Emma would go to the beach and sighed for them. Also they said that Steven and Michelle were always blessing them to be safe.