Georgina Spicer


In this next paragraph I am going to talk about music and how it affects me. Most people listen to music to cheer them up or just to listen to something. People like different types of music for example my favourite types of music are hip-hop and rap. Most of the time I listen to a song that I am in the mood for so it depends on how I feel to which song I listen to. I don’t have a favourite song because new songs come out every month. My favourite three songs at the moment are Party up in here by DMX, low by T-pain and flo-rida and keep bleeding by Leona Lewis. The songs that I named as my favourite songs at the moment two of them are hip-hop low and party up in here and the other is a love song keep bleeding. I love music so much some times in class I listen to it on my headphones and the teacher does not realize. When I am in my room you will hear my bass from outside. My music is full blast and I get told of for it all the time. Music is my drug that keeps me alive.